Employment Law

If you are an entrepreneur, running a small business or a multinational company, you could be in the middle of complex staff management issues each day. If you put out a word with less care, it could even bring down the whole structure you have built so far. Workplace disputes seem to be a common problem faced by business owners nowadays. Beware that it could even hinder your entire career.  If you are smart enough, these kinds of issues can be solved even before they show up. If you do, then you are safe from all scenarios such as personal stress, money costs and wasted time.

A small disagreement could make you completely lose the employee’s productivity which could be a big shortfall for you. Keep your staff happy and productive which will be directly proportional to maintaining tour reputation and improving profitability. Be aware of the legal matters and its effects on your staffs.  Our employment law team at KTS legal can help you finding the exact solution if you are caught up in middle of any kind of staffing issues. We will come up with the perfect plan that will not affect these issues on your business. As prevention is better than cure, we make sure that these cases initially do not take place in the first instance. Even if it is done, we will assist you all throughout it coupled with a cost effective solution.

We can assist you in all these phases of employment law:


•    TUPE - advice on employment issues upon the transfer of a business
•    Redundancy - how to select and consult to safeguard against unfair dismissal claims
•    Discrimination - advice on avoiding and managing complaints (including race, gender, age, religious       and disability discrimination)
•    Employment Contracts and Directors' Service Agreements
•    Dismissal and Disciplinary Procedures
•    Compromise Agreements
•    Employment Tribunal Representation and Assistance
•    Policy, Procedure and Employee Handbooks

•    Advice on Unfair Dismissal Claims
•    Advice on Wrongful Dismissal Claims
•    Advice on Discrimination Claims
•    Employment Tribunal Representation and Assistance


If you want more information or advice on any employment related matter (either employer or employee), please contact us on 020 8367 0505 or email us on info@ktslegal.co.uk and one of our solicitors will be able to help you.


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