KTS legal can help you in providing legal help and advice on contract management, performance process, various levels of contract works and duties. We offer a helping hand in all the phases of your business management contracts. Not just in London, we provide our service in a global manner to avoid potential disputes.

If you are managing your business perfectly, you can assure that you deal with all the potential problems even before they tend to occur. Our solicitors provide legal advice and to thoroughly analyze each of your business contracts to address any problems from happening. Even if any potential dispute has gone out of the hand, we will have a deep study to find the solution at the earliest.

We use our legal knowledge and experience to help you with any type of commercial contract or agreement.

What are the basics of a contractual relationship?

In order to form a contract, the essential elements are:

1.      Offer

2.      Acceptance

3.      Consideration, which is a promise, an act, or a promise not to act and represents the value in the contract

4.      Capacity i.e not bankrupt and an adult

5.      Intention to create legal relations

Some typical uses of contracts

·         Advertising Contract

·         Agency Contract

·         Agreement Appointing a Consultant

·         Contract for the sale of a business

·         Commercial Lease

·         Commission Agreement

·         Conditions of sale

·         Confidentiality Agreement

·         Consultant Terms

·         Contract for the hire of equipment

·         Contract for the hire of premises

·         Director's Service Agreement

·         Distribution Agreement

·         Email/Internet Use Policy

·         Email use Policy

·         Employment contracts

·         Employment of a self employed person

·         Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement

·         Introduction and Commission Agreement

·         Offsite IT Support Contract

·         Joint Venture Agreement

·         Lease of Business Premises

·         License for Alterations

·         License for Manufacture and Sale

·         License to Occupy

·         Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

·         Loan

·         Manufacture and Supply Agreement

·         Multimedia Licensing Agreement

·         Non Compete/Non Competitive/Anti Competitive Agreement

·         Non-disclosure agreement

·         Online terms and conditions

·         Option to buy property

·         Overseas Employment Contract

·         Parent Company Guarantee

·         Partnership Agreement

·         Payment Guarantee

·         Promissory Note

·         Purchase Order Contract

·         Rent Deposit Agreement

·         Sale/Purchase of a business

·         Sale/Purchase of shares in a limited company

·         Appointment of a sales consultant

·         Services agreement

·         Shareholders' agreement

·         Short hold tenancy agreement

·         Supply, manufacture and sale agreement

·         Surrender of a lease

·         Termination of and release from a contract

·         Standard terms and conditions of sale

·         Contract for the supply of works and services

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